12/19/09 COME ON TEXANS!!!!

Texas Stop The Python Ban!

Texas is the largest state in the US with a huge membership in USARK. We need many more Texans to get involved in the S373 Senate Campaign. Please do your duty for the Reptile Nation. Senator John Cornyn and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison need to hear from all Texans on this issue. We have made this about as easy as possible. Please do your part today Texas! Lead the way for the rest of the Reptile Nation.

It is extremely important for everyone in the Reptile Nation to take direct action to STOP S. 373. If you don't take massive action now you may never get another chance to effect this legislation. We have come too far to give up now. We can win if we all pull together and take massive action. DO IT NOW!


  1. Email your Senator- This is the simplest step to take. It is only effective if done as apart of USARK's comprehensive overall strategy. Email alone is the least effective way to get your message to Congress. Please click this link and follow the instructions to Email your Senator. http://www.rallycongress.com/united-states-association-of-reptile-keepers/2705/tell-us-senate-to-stop-python-ban/ Then go to step 2.
  2. Phone your Senator- This is also an easy step that everyone can do. It is more effective than email when trying to get your message through, but still is best used as one part of the USARK Senate Campaign. Please click this link and follow the instructions to Phone your Senator. http://www.rallycongress.com/united-states-association-of-reptile-keepers/2707/tell-us-senate-to-stop-python-ban/ Go to step 3.
  3. Visit your Senator- This is the single most effective way to influence your Senator. Make an appointment to go in and talk to your Senator's Staff. They will respond to your personal visit to their local offices. You don't have to go to Washington DC. This makes your Opposition to S373 personal and gives your Senator a reason to oppose the bill. Contact USARK and we will coach you and give you talking points to use with your Senator. We can help you get a strong message across. Just let us know once you have scheduled you appointment. Go to step 4.
  4. Report Back to USARK- We want to hear about your progress. We have set up a forum for each state where you can report your experiences. Let us know what happens. You can also discuss your experiences with others from your state. We are interested in all of your experiences, but especially those all important 'in person visits' with your Senator. Please click this link to Report Back to USARK. http://usark.org/forum/ You will have to register just like any other forum. Then go to the S373 Senate Campaign and click your state. We can't wait to hear from the Reptile Nation on this!


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Forward this Alert to everyone you know... your friends, email lists, forums, social networking sites... everyone! This will only work if EVERYONE participates!! We must generate 10's of thousands of responses. Do it now! Go, GO, GO!!!!!

For questions or help contact:
Andrew Wyatt