New morph "Super" Red Blood Python Python brongersmaiNew morph "Super" Red Blood Python Python brongersmai

 I'm excited about this snake! He is fabulously patterned, and I believe a "super" of a new mutation. Last year I bred him to a Red Albino female and all of the babies hatched out looking the same-but not like him, and not normal. That has previously been a sign that those snakes are the codom and one of the parents is a super. I will add the pics of a sample of his babies later on today. This photo was taken 01/17/10 of him breeding another female Red Albino this year. I'm hoping to have two unrelated clutches to use in the next generation breeding. Of course I will be back in 2-3 years to report if my guess is or is not correct. Hopefully I will have some supers just like him-and maybe some albino supers as well. Name???






Pink Panther Caramel Albino Boa Ovulation 01/17/10Pink Panther Caramel Albino Boa Ovulation 01/17/10Here is one of my favorite female pink panther caramel albino boas ovulating last week. Her pattern is outstanding! Her babies from last time (2008) are fabulous and this pattern is definately passed on-the thick blocky look. Will add some pics of her 2008 babies later today.