11/29/10 Help USARK Defeat S373 Python Ban Today!

Help USARK Defeat S373 Python Ban Today!

It is rumored that S373 `The Python Ban' may be included in a large omnibus Natural Resources Bill during the `Lame Duck' session of Congress from now until the end of the legislative session. This provides the Reptile Nation an opportunity to kill S373 once and for all! Do Not allow powerful special interests to railroad S373 through in the 11th hour. Follow the link below and contact your two US Senators and ask them to oppose S373. USARK needs your help to Kill S373! Please take this opportunity to help win a great victory for the Reptile Nation.

Last Christmas USARK and the Reptile Nation rallied and produced a massive letter writing campaign that derailed S373... even after it passed Committee. Now we must reaffirm with our Senators strong opposition to this ill conceived legislation. If we turn out big numbers we will win again! Now is the opportunity to finish off S373 once and for all! Please spread the word to the four corners of the Reptile Nation. Forward this communiqué to your friends, family, co-workers, social networks and forums. There is Strength in Numbers… Protect Your Rights!

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