02/07/11 FEBRUARY FREEZE 2011

Well we are thawing out after some ridiculously cold weather! Actually it is supposed to get cold here again on Wednesday the 9th! Yes I am whining because I am really bad in the cold! That's why I live here in Texas!

To show I am absolutely telling the truth it was cold here-check out the thermometer in our kitchen which I still can't believe!


So here we were in the morning shivering in the kitchen and off goes the electricity! Now it takes a while to register that all of the electricity is off and the warm little snakes are soon going to realize something is up (or down in this case). Down to the snake house I go and it did not take long for the inside temp of 81F to register 79F. No problem with that, as we have back up plan one and back up plan two at the ready. Back up plan one is our massive diesel generator that is hooked up to the building. We set this beauty up with its 600 gallon tank for Y2K!! It has faithfully cranked up every month since then just to make sure all is in order. Except last month when something needed to be done by our go to guy, which we just realized didn't get got to! That time just goes by and wouldn't you know that it just slipped by us in the last weeks as the boys started school after winter vacation and the other million things we were doing (or not doing!). So on to plan two, bring out our trusty giant propane heaters. Dave and our two boys rolled them out and assembled, and tested them and we were ready to roll. Each one set up in their respective places to keep everyone toasty warm.

DAVE, TOM, AND GUY WORKING ON PLAN TWO THE GIANT PROPANE HEATERSDAVE, TOM, AND GUY WORKING ON PLAN TWO THE GIANT PROPANE HEATERSJust as they got everything back into place the electricity went back on. The fact is that our Electric Company is and has been spot on reliable for the 20 years we have been here. I don't remember any time that the power has been out more than an hour, and mostly it is back on within 30 minutes.

Fortunately the day before I had set up all of the gravid female Boas in their aspen and then placed two layers of paper on top, so they were pretty snuggled in over their heat tapes. I don't think they lost too much heat while the power was out. As I walked by the cages most of the animals were looking at me with their customary "is it feeding time" look, so I am pretty sure that a little temp drop had no effect whatsoever on their daily plan.

All the worry is on the keeper and I think I was very calm under the circumstances!

Of course we do have an emergency plan if something really got to the point where we had absolutely no heat for a long period. It's called hundreds of stryrofoam boxes, hundreds of snake bags, and cases of 40 hour heat packs!! 

Now I happen to think that these roller coaster cold hot cold hot temps are great for breeding! I am hoping that this is our best year ever!LIKING THE COLD WEATHER:VPI CARAMEL ALBINO MALE AND 100% HET FEMALELIKING THE COLD WEATHER:VPI CARAMEL ALBINO MALE AND 100% HET FEMALE