OVULATION 03/27/11 YELLOW RED ALBINO PYTHON BRONGERSMAIOVULATION 03/27/11 YELLOW RED ALBINO PYTHON BRONGERSMAITook a break from writing because so much going on I needed to collect my thoughts!  I am back and will fill you in on all the VPI news!

First, how excited am I about this potential clutch! A first for us breeding Yellow Red Albino x Yellow Red Albino! These are awesome-and the photos just do not do them justice! This is why I love these Blood pythons! The extreme variation that leads to albino looks all over the map! We love the killer red ones-but we love these yellow ones. The question is will all the babies be yellow? Stay tuned...

NEW MORPH VPI BALL PYTHON IT IS A DOMINANT, WE NEED A NAME...NEW MORPH VPI BALL PYTHON IT IS A DOMINANT, WE NEED A NAME...The closest we have seen to this snake is one that is called "THE REAPER BALL" by Bill Buchman. We don't know if this is the same or not. It is a neat little mutation, unfortunately at this point we only have males! So it is going to be a while until we see if there is a super or not!

DESERT SPIDER MALE 2010DESERT SPIDER MALE 2010Well VPI isn't afraid to wade into any controversy so we are going to get the results for ourself! Apparently forums are abuzz regarding the status of the Desert Ghost project viability in terms of getting to the super level and reproduction of females. It is an interesting dynamic. The snake is great, but are there issues surrounding some combinations? We have been there before. There sometimes is good and not so good. We prefer to focus on the good. There is plenty of precedent here. Caramel Albinos, spiders, Powerballs, Super Black pastels, super Lessers. Not all good not all bad. In the words of the great late Dr. Bechtal..."don't breed the bads ones, just breed the good ones!"

SUPER SPECIAL MALE 2010SUPER SPECIAL MALE 2010How much do I love this snake?! A lot!! When I got to Anahaim last year and saw this morph for the first time at Tom Baker's table I found just the snake to pair with my fabulous Mojave combinations! Hopefully we will get him going this season he seems to be just starting to kick in! I'll be patient though even if I have to wait another year. In the mean time I'm working on potential mates for the future by making some other combinations.

MOJAVE BEE MALE 2010MOJAVE BEE MALE 2010A little mixing and matching with this guy will lead to great meetings with Super Special offspring in the future!