STRIPED POSS HET VPI CARAMEL ALBINO BORN 08/11STRIPED POSS HET VPI CARAMEL ALBINO BORN 08/11This was a neat surprise. It is the first time I have seen a striped baby like this out of the VPI Caramel Albino project. The parents were a male that was 100% het VPI Caramel Albino ("Unrelated" line x het VPI) x with a female that was a poss het (from VPI line het x het).

This was the only snake that looked like this, the rest were normals. Based on that at this point she is a 50% het, if I rebreed the mom again and she produces albinos then the mom would be a 100% het and

this striped baby would be a 66% het!

The amazing thing is that there are several pattern things going on within the lineages-none of which have come from any "outside the lineage " breeding. We have gotten a lot of comments that the VPI line has produced increasingly colorful and unusual animals because it has been outbred to other morphs for several generations. Though that may be the case with people who have gotten VPI line animals from us and are producing awesome animals, here we have only bred them to other animals (Motley, Ghost, Sharp Albino, Jungle) and have not done any second generation breedings with those animals yet.

I am amazed at the range of variation that we have seen that started from Boas that looked as normal and plain as the day is long!