08/27/11 A

VPI MOJAVE LESSER FEMALE 08/27/11VPI MOJAVE LESSER FEMALE 08/27/11I just love the white snakes!










VPI SUPER LESSER 08/27/11VPI SUPER LESSER 08/27/11The super lessers are really interesting when it comes to head scales! There seem to be a lot more of them! Of course I will be breeding this girl to our Platinum male to make more Platinums and more super lessers!

We just hatched some of our first platinum babies...pics coming soon!






 I am a huge Ivory Ball python fan! We have some amazing ones, and these pastel ones are one of my favorites!










VPI LESSER RUSSO SPIDER 08/27/11VPI LESSER RUSSO SPIDER 08/27/11This snake is getting more interesting every time it sheds. You can see the spider pattern on it and it seems to have some weird striping on it also. Great combination potential!