CHAMPAGNE 08/28/11CHAMPAGNE 08/28/11I really like these snakes! Aggressive feeding little guys! We have had some fabulous babies this year. These are cool just on their own don't even need a combination-but the combinations are very cool.

Some Champagnes apparently can get the spider wobble, but so far ours have been good on not showing that.




There are apparently good Champagne combinations, but some at this time don't appear to be viable.



This is an awesome combination with the Pastel and the Champagne. They are quite variable, I'm a big fan of this look.

My take on what works and what doesn't work is to do what works, don't do what doesn't work. This one works, and we just made the Sugar Champagne. I would breed a pastel sugar male to both of these girls to make something really nice!