ON THE WAY TO BECOMING SOME OF DAVE'S AWESOME SALSA!!ON THE WAY TO BECOMING SOME OF DAVE'S AWESOME SALSA!!Crazy days! This has been one month that has been a total blur! So many things are happening every day that sometimes its hard to focus on one thing! But what we have been focusing on have been a lot of cool things that hopefully will all come together! I'm going to be back tracking so you won't have missed anything, but in the mean time I want you to focus on this awesome photo! Peppers galore, Serrano (hot); Habanero (really hot); Jalapeno nice; and beautiful tomatoes. All will be roasted to perfection and then Dave will put it together to make an amazingly hot salsa. Oh yes we are fanatics for hot salsa and Dave has really gotten into making it. We don't buy it anymore, just the ingredients!

I'll be back tonight and start on a myriad of topics that will include: Dave's stint in front of congress, Breast cancer awareness month (my personal story), the snake show in Houston, new pics of snakes from projects that we are really excited about, update on Blood python book and more!