Black Axanthic eggs!! Very excited about this clutch that was laid last week! This female bred to our Black Axanthic male laid 10 eggs!

I really gave the female Black Axanthic project a rest and did not breed the females for the past two years. This is their on year and it seems that they were refreshed and ready to reproduce. I expect a second clutch in one more week and the final clutch in 30 days. The first two are Black Axanthic x Black Axanthic, the third was bred to both our Patternless and Black Axanthic male. Should be interesting!

VPIBall_Black Axanthic F2_052108F1_24o.jpg

Here is a baby from the time we produced them in 2008! I'm very excited to see what we get this year! I wish I had taken more photos of these guys!

Last year we produced our first double het Black Axanthic/Pied babies and they have an interesting look. Check back and I will take some pics.