This clutch was worth waiting for, as all are, but I'm particularly happy to see some Patternless Ball pythons again. The cool thing about this clutch is that there are three 100% hets, and we just needed to have more to see if we can distinguish het from non het by any "marker" we can find. We know these are 100% hets because we bred a Patternless male back to a 100% het  female, so all of the normal snake are 100% het. To round out our data set we will have eggs hatching from 100% het x poss het and poss het to poss het and one final clutch of Patternless to hets. That should give us both 100% het and poss het to compare and I will let you all be the judge to see if you can tell or not tell hets from non hets. Remember though, any single time a "non het looking" snake produces patternless, all theories go out the window!

Ok, on to some pics!



These guys are so cool and I have lots of plans for the project. I love the Patternless on its own, but my ultimate goal is a Black Axanthic Patternless Pied!



These Patternless can get the most beautiful color and the light "stripe" on the back is seen because the stipling on the sides stops right before you get to the 1/2" that is over the spine. It looks like a "stripe" but it is not an actual patterned stripe. This is what has led to an ongoing discussion of whether the Patternless is actually a "Genetic Stripe." Only breeding will answer that question. I will say of the total Patternless babies that have hatched this far, none have had the pattern of a Genetic Stripe.