Well, this has been a ridiculous amount of time to answer a simple question! I'm writing a very short version of the story tonight because I want to put the pics up and put everyone out of their misery who has waited, and speculated, and also been quite devoted to this particular snake!

The fault lays squarely with me because I do tend to go off on tangents, and I did, when I smack dab in the middle of working with Ball pythons I veered into Blood pythons. As you all know I’m still veering, and that is exactly why the answer to this question is being told by me, but was not answered by me!

I will at least take credit for procuring the Burgundy Albino Ball python as a sub adult animal and I kept her for years, but really had no luck at breeding her. This is not entirely surprising since acclimating a female that size versus raising a baby and breeding it can be difficult.

I think we got this snake because it was advertised as a Caramel Albino and there were few of them around at the time.

When the snake arrived, we realized it definately did not look like a Caramel Albino. At some point another Ball python that had all kinds of attention surrounding it at the time, that was named "The Paragon" arrived on the scene (date to follow). The Paragon was always heralded as the cleanest, coolest looking animal, and thereafter the Burgundy Albino was kind of viewed as a "darker not as clean version."  

At some point the Toffee Ball and the Candy Ball arrived on the scene (will fill in these dates later), and they were the ultimate in light and clean look. At that point I think the Burgundy lost some fans, because honestly my promoting skills rated a dead on last compared to the owners of the Paragon, Toffee, and Candy. The Paragon at some point went somewhere and the Burgundy Albino, Toffee, and Candy were the focus of attention.

Focus then started in on the "Wagner" as in Ernie Wagner Caramel Albino Ball python that was renamed the "Crider" and ultimately the "Ultramel" ball python, a Caramel Albino looking animal, became the newest hot thing.

During all of this time one guy called me constantly about the Burgundy Albino, and you have heard his name here before, Ryan Young. Before Ryan got into the Lavender snow project he was die hard Caramel Albino, Crider, Burgundy Albino, Ultramel, Toffee, Candy obsessed.

Endless speculations were made about all of these snakes but he was relentless about the Burgundy Albino. When was I going to breed it?! Why weren't there more pictures of it?! Wasn't it killing me that I wasn't making any progress on the project?! Was the Burgundy Albino even alive?!!! One time he visited and I actually hid it in another place because I knew he wanted to look through every cage and I kind of thought he might stop asking me questions about it if he thought I didn't have it any more!!

The next time he visited in 2007, I brought the snake out and he just went crazy. He begged me to send it home with him to breed. I told him this was the last year I would try and breed her and if I didn't have any luck, then I would ship it out to him!  

Well that was enough pressure on me to finally get it done and the first generation hets were made in 2008 when the female finally bred a male spot-nose.


A year after raising the babies I sent a pair of 100% hets to Ryan to breed. I kept 1.2 Spot nose hets, and sold a single male het and a female Spot nose het overseas.

As everyone knows I raise snakes very slowly, so it wasn't a big surprise that Ryan got his snakes up to breeding size before I did.

So though I'm telling the story and produced the first generation of babies, Ryan gets all the credit for producing the first visual baby!

It is a female and it is staying right with him so now he can look at a Burgundy Albino any time he wants to!

This year I bred the adult female Burgundy Albino to a male Pied and those babies are due to hatch in three weeks!

I thought it would be fun to include a RR thread written with discussion on the Burgundy Albino, Ultramel, Toffee etc on May 26, 2009



Here are Ryan's pics so let the discussion begin!