If you are a snake person you know what I'm talking about when I say some times you find yourself drifting off and thinking if you could only see a snake that you imagined in your mind, you would experience absolute joy. We believe there are many snakes that fit that bill for many people, and that is why so many individual snake fanciers love herpetoculture. At this juncture, python and Boa fanciers could not imagine that the full spectrum of  the amazing creatures in their wild type forms would result in the endless combinations of designer morphs that we have seen and will continue to see. Future generations will see what we can only dream of!

Though no photograph can ever capture the complete living spirit of an animal, Dave has done an amazing job photographing what we believe to be one of the most amazing snakes we have ever had the opportunity and absolute honor of caring for. This snake was born from two "normal" parents and as you will see in the photos of it as a baby, it appears to be a morph that we have not seen previously. It has turned from a fully patterned baby to a solid black adult in approximately 2 1/2 years. It is perfect in every way. Because the baby has a pattern that is very distinct, we feel that it merits a name that distinguishes it from other known Boa morphs. The name we are using was coined by Jeff Hering, he named the morph in honor of his late mom "Ginny." He requested that we use the name "Midnight Gin." We loved it and didn't think we could have possibly come up with a cooler name!