Just chipping away at getting this project off the ground! Some times it is very slow, but I have always said one is more than none! This is exactly what we got in our clutch of 8 eggs VPI Wrought Iron x Red Albino! A single baby-a gorgeous male 100% het for Red Albino, so I am happy for that! We are still needing a female or we are not going to see if there is a super any time soon! Last time we had 4 males. They are coming up in breeding size, so when we can get them going we will have a much better chance to start producing some females, and more animals in general. The original male Wrought Iron is an amazing animal, but I have never even seen him breeding a single time! He is the most shy male I have ever had. He is also one of the largest males we have and is perfect in every way. I am hopeful that his captive hatched sons will improve greatly on his record, but for now we have to have patience.

These snakes are so amazing they are worth waiting for. Sometimes the odds don't go your way. You have to understand, "they don't owe you!" in this case of case it would have been great to hatch more than 1/8, but it makes getting four last time pretty lucky!

VPI Wrought Iron 06/24/12



Close-up of VPI Wrought Iron. These guys have one amazing head and body pattern!!