Ruby throat hummingbird Photo by David Barker 08/30/2012

We have been so busy that we literally had to step away from the computer and take a break writing my VPI diary and updating our FB page. I think you will be happy that we went in this direction because we always seek to be well rounded and do different things when at all possible.

First and formost we have been writing big time, and have put out several papers on the ongoing Boa and python legislation issue. Our overall goal of protecting biodiversity for future generations is always on our minds. 

For those who are eagerly awaiting the Blood Python book, we know you want it yesterday! We could have easily finished it by now, but we think you will agree that our personal goals have to take a back seat to the collective goals of the industry, and we must address the challenges we all face in a timely manner. The good news is a large part of the book is done. We are hoping that this time next year you will hopefully all reading it and happy that we waited to get out the best book ever on the subject.

We had a late season with the Ball pythons, and are hatching cool stuff every day! Stay tuned...you may see something new! 

Our Boa year was just about my favorite one ever, we have some amazing babies!

Blood pythons, this coming year we hope will be our best ever!


Ruby throat hummingbirds at feeder Photo by David Barker 08/30/2012