If I could have one litter in 2013...........it would be this one!! A girl can dream!!! I took this photo yesterday after I introduced this VPI Pink Panther Caramel Albino male the day before. I picked him because he sired an amazing litter last year. The goal here is to answer the question dominant or recessive? For the record I am guessing recessive! I hope that it is so, since I have several of her littermates and a beautiful litter of babies from her mom from last year. I really want those snakes to be poss hets. If we are lucky enough to get babies and they are all normal, then recessive it is and those other animals are all poss hets. If she has babies and half are normal and half look like her as a baby, then it would establish that she was a dominant that came out of the blue. That would be an exceedingly rare scenario. I guess time will tell, I just hope it is not too much time!


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