Happy Thanksgiving to all! This has been a year filled with almost everything under the sun. We are thankful for many things, our two awesome sons first and foremost! They are thankful that they are off with their friends over their holiday weekend! Teenagers having fun, which is what they should be doing! As we all know, the burdens of the world will come soon enough.

For the bigger things we are thankful for at least this moment there is a truce in the mideast conflict. We are thankful for all of the individuals and families defending our freedom at an enormous personal cost and we hope that we can get everyone home as fast as possible and support them when they get home. We are thankful that the storm is over on the East coast and our friends despite having gone through a house fire, a tree falling on their car, no electricity for a week, have retained their sense of humor and are o.k! We wish others not so fortunate a fast recovery. We are thankful for everyone who contributes to the support of creating jobs in this difficult economy. We hope that the future is filled with a lot more positive energy and common sense!

We are most thankful for the people supporting what we do. Because of that support we have been able to accomplish a lot of writing this year about the challenges we are facing. Thankyou for helping to support what we believe is a big part to secure biodiversity for reptiles and amphibians for future generations: captive breeding programs.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful, safe, happy, healthy holiday and New Year!


Tracy and Dave

Texas, 2012,Photo Dave Barker