We love the fabulous animals we get to work with and all of our wonderful supporters, without which we could never do all of the things that we do. We are glad that this support has been translated into tangible writings that have contributed to sharing information on a variety of topics surrounding the captive breeding of pythons and boas. Our customers should be very proud of that fact.

We have a lot of work to do though! I often find myself saying that this really is day one. That seems a bit crazy considering we have been doing this for 22 years. But I think that the first 22 years just got us here, and now we are set up to do the real work: the work to make sure that future generations can enjoy, learn about, and preserve animals for future generations.

We have a lot of projects on the table and we hope that you will enjoy working on them, and through that continue to support what we feel will be together, our most important contributions to come.

Nikki Barker 9 years old. VPI support member, monitoring the river banks for minnows! Everyone loves Nikki!