It seems like forever since I've had any hope of producing this unique, what appears to be locality morph. This is one of those cases where when we first started working with this morph, originally things looked good, but didn't pan out. I have been trying to breed this pair for the past four years and gotten nothing! So frustrating! This year I decided to separate the pair and put each one in with an albino. The male albino bred this female immediately and last week she ovulated!

I know this is at least a dominant, because this female laid eggs about six years ago bred to this same male and there were Tobas in the clutch, but for some reason they did not make it. Two kind of (but not really) normal looking babies made it and I have them as adults. The result either means I didn't hit on a super, or the male Toba was not the dad of the clutch.

I really hope this clutch is good! I just want to hatch a few more babies! I am not aware of any more of these animals out there at the current time. If anyone knows of any please let me know if they are being bred etc.!