Very busy and waiting on eggs as they come. This is a clutch I want to see hatch (GE het Albino Red Blood Python Python brongersmai  x same) and I hope to see some Golden Eyes, Albino Golden Eyes, Magpies, and an Albino Magpie or two! What will one look like?! We are a week into incubation...so its going to be a long next 50 days!

See the piece of brown paper on the one egg? That paper is what the female laid her eggs on. From seeing it on top of the egg, one can surmise that the egg was actually laid so the side opposite the side that has the brown paper attached, was the top of the egg. As the female worked the eggs around while laying the clutch and getting it set up, obviously this egg was turned upside down. Apparently in the laying process, which may take several hours, the eggs getting turned upside down is no big deal. After they are set up and in the incubator though, you want to make sure the eggs do not roll around, because this can result in the developing embryo not surviving.