Email all images and questions about photos and any comments regarding the descriptions below to Dave at: vpi@beecreek.net

From Dave and Tracy Barker

We are working on two books at this time, and now invite photographers with suitable photos of python species to submit them to us for consideration to publish in either of our books.

Both books are about pythons (of course).

One of the books is titled A Guide to the Identification of the Pythons of Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Continental Asia [aka “the guide”]

The other is titled The Short-tail Pythons: Their History, Natural History, Care and Breeding [aka “the blood python book.”]

As you can see, there is some overlap between the two books, as the four short-tail python species are all found within the area covered by the first book.

We will finish the “the guide” in a few months and right now we are looking hard for pictures for this book.  We are looking for photographs of wild-type snakes with “normal” appearances—no morphs! Below this message, is a list of the pythons species covered by the book, detailing which images we particularly need.

Believe it or not, there apparently are a few python species that have never been photographed live (Leiopython fredparkeri  and Python kyaiktiyo)…

The second book is similar to the ball python book we did several years ago, and we are looking for pictures of unusual snakes as well as snakes with normal appearances. That book is second on our schedule, but we are starting to look for good images.

1) Submitted images should be well-exposed and in sharp focus. A naturalistic background is a plus, but Photoshop can do wonders on undesirable backgrounds. We are most interested in images of the full-body, not close-up pictures of the face.

2) You can send submissions as small email-sized photos attached to emails for our inspection and we can get back with you about which one we want to publish.

3) Photos that we will publish will need to be at least 1800 pixels wide, and 3000 pixels is better. Photo should be in JPEG format saved with no compression (that makes the saved files bigger.)

4) You may only submit images that are yours. All photographers submitting images will be acknowledged in the book, whether or not their photos are published. If we publish your images, we’ll send you a copy of the book when it’s released.

5) ***************We are interested in excellent photography, so no matter what species you have, even if it says on the species list that it’s not needed—if it’s a great photo, please send it…**************

6) Email all images to Dave at: vpi@beecreek.net

A list of the current status of python images to use in the guide

Spotted python  Antaresia maculosa  [NEW GUINEA SPECIMENS ONLY… we have a couple of images but need more pictures]

Papuan python  Apodora papuana  [nothing needed]

Ringed python  Bothrochilus boa  [nothing needed]

Northern whitelip python  Leiopython albertisii  [a few more full body shots of animals with locality data would be nice]

Wau whitelip python  Leiopython bennettorum  [we have NOTHING; need holotype pictures of preserved specimens]

Biak whitelip python  Leiopython biakensis  [we have NOTHING, need holotype pictures of preserved specimens.]

Karimui Basin whitelip python  Leiopython fredparkeri  [we have NOTHING, need holotype pictures of preserved specimens.]

Southern whitelip python  Leiopython hoserae  [a few more full body shots of animals with locality data would be nice]

Huon Peninsula whitelip python  Leiopython huonensis  [we have NOTHING, need holotype pictures of preserved specimens.]

Water python  Liasis fuscus  [NEW GUINEA SPECIMENS ONLY…   A few more full body shots of animals with locality data would be nice]

Freckled python  Liasis mackloti  [nothing needed]

Wetar python  Liasis dunni  [Dave plans to go to Georgia to photo the only dunni in the USA at Chris Carmichael’s lab—if worst comes to worst, he can provide some good images]

Savu python Liasis savuensis  [nothing needed]

Amethystine python  Morelia amethistina  [nothing needed]

Northern green python  Morelia azureus  [nothing needed, but a few images of PNG animals from Madang Province and Morobe province would be nice]

Black python  Morelia boeleni  [nothing needed]

Southern Moluccan python  Morelia clastolepis  [nothing needed]

Tanimbar python  Morelia nauta  [a few more full body shots of animals with locality data would be nice]

New Guinea carpet python  Morelia spilota variegata  [we have hundreds of images of Indo specimens, but nothing from Central Province, PNG]

Halmahera python  Morelia tracyae  [we need images of juveniles and neonates, plus maybe one or two nice full body images of adults.]

Southern green python  Morelia viridis  [nothing needed for Indo specimens, but we have few from PNG]

Burmese python  Python bivittatus bivittatus  [it’s surprising but we have almost nothing—we have several thousand images and most are of “morphs” and not of value to this book. We have very few images of regular Burmese pythons—nothing of big specimens.]

Sulawesi Burmese python  Python bivittatus progshai  [we have NOTHING]

Borneo python  Python breitensteini  [needed for second book, localities and morphs]

Blood python  Python brongersmai [needed for second book, localities and morphs]

Sumatran python  Python curtus  [needed for second book, localities and morphs]

Mon python  Python kyaiktiyo  [needed for second book, localities, we are pretty sure there are no morphs!]

Indian python  Python molurus molurus  [we have very little and need more images with locality data, preferable full-snake images]

Sri Lanka python  Python molurus pimbura  [we have a few usable images, but need more]

Reticulated python  Python reticulatus reticulatus  [nothing needed, but a few more images of Philippine animals would be nice—there are almost no published images of Philippine retics.]

Tanahjampea reticulated python  Python reticulatus jampeanus  [we have great pics of two specimens, a few more would be welcome.]

Selayar reticulated python  Python reticulatus saputrai  [we have NOTHING]

Lesser Sundas python  Python timoriensis  [nothing needed]