Great clutch just hatched GE het Albino x Same!

It was awesome but shows how you can hit AND miss at the same time!!

Missed: Albino Golden Eyes (I really wanted these, I only have 1.1 from last year!)

Missed: Albino Magpie (we ALL really wanted to see the first one, but remember it is a 1/16, like a DH x DH, i.e. het albino x het albino = 1/4 for albino and Golden Eye x Golden Eye= 1/4 for Magpie, so 1/4 x 1/4=1/16!)

How could I miss?!! 14 eggs, only hatched 1 albino, an albino normal patterned 0.1 !! 1/14 Whiff big time!!! What happened to my 1/4 albino/!! It doesn't "owe" you!!

Hit: 5 Magpies (3.2) (I pulled myself together after missing on the albinos because I realized that I just hatched 5/14 Magpies 66% het for Red Albino!! I got better than my 1/4 Magpies!!)

Hit: 6/14 Golden Eyes (4.2) (66% het for Red Albino, these are great looking! Well if you look at it 11/14 are GE, or super GE, so that is a win)!

and 1.1 (so 2/14 Normals, let's not forget what a wild type Blood looks like,have to give them their due)!

Check this baby out!! You can see the red already!! These babies, especially the male babies, had a lot more red than we have seen before.

Each animal has a unique Black pattern. No two are alike.






Here are two of the males. One has a lot of red to start!






Here are the two females, they have the spots going on! They are the paler, ivory colored look that we had seen in the past.

The extra red seen in the baby males surprised us a bit, but now that we know they change it makes sense. Is it possible that since they are 66% het albino we are seeing an influence in animals that are "het for albino" only time will tell. I bet its a "red herring"!






Older Female with three male newly hatched Magpies. If I knew they would turn out this pink/red/orange color I would have named them the "Rainbow" Blood Python. They radiate color, and have a really unique quality when the light reflects off of the black, pink, red, and orange scales.




Next up the Golden Eyes from the clutch!