Time is flying by and this has been an awesome season!

I could not be more excited about the goings on here at VPI!

We are ready to show case animals for the 2013 season here at VPI and it has been an amazing one so far!!

Every year I think it is impossible to get more excited about what things we are doing and what babies that we are hatching, but this year

again proves that every year is more exciting than the last! We have had an amazing year and have amazing animals to show you!

We have repeated the VPI Red Tnegative Python brongersmai breeding with the "Red-Eye"Red T Neg Albino male x "White Head" Red T Neg

Albino female. In the clutch were 2.2 "Normal Red Eye" animals and 1.1 "Red Eye" animals.

I feel confident now with this second breeding that this eye color is  dominant.

It is absolutely a fun thing to work with and holds some great potential for making morphs that have screaming red eyes!

The next question to answer is to see if it is linked to the albino gene or can be separated from it.

Next year I will breed the male to several animals that are not Red T neg.

Here is a pic showing two of the babies. The one on the left is a "Red Albino Eye" the one on the right is a "Normal Albino Eye"

Notice the Red Eye has what looks like a white iris and the one on the right has a red iris. Not sure how to explain this!

These babies don't just have variation in eye color, their body color is really amazing!

Stay tuned to see comparison pics of these babies and babies from the first clutch.

To say the "color comes in as they mature" or "they get better as they get older" each is an understatement!

For additional pics of the babies click here: http://vpi.com/galleries/blood-python-gallery-5-2013