08/03/13 2013 IS HERE!!

Of course we know it is 2013, it has been that since January 1st! But in terms of the snake year, I don't count it as beginning until I start to show what fabulous animals we have hatched for the year and what projects we are excited about for the future.

I always say, "It is impossible that we have cooler animals than we had last year!" And every year I am happy to say, "this is our most amazing year for cool snakes ever!"

This year is no exception, in fact it is crazy over the top!!

I will separate what we have been doing into individual entries, one for Bloods, Balls, and Boas.

But before we get to the projects  I need to report that we have approximately 60 days of an extension to comment on the FWS proposed categorical exclusion for listing injurious wildlife. 

To get the latest updates on this issue and for more information on this very important matter and other reptile conservation related issues:



We are very pleased that there  was a positive response to requests to extend the comment period on this very important matter, and we are thankful for that consideration.