Lots to show that we are very excited about!  I wanted to update a few of the projects that we have been working on and also discuss some important news about projects that others are working on, that really set the tone for what we can all look forward to in the future!

Today I'm talking about a project that has had a slow start, but this year may have finally taken off! I call this project "VPI PINK" and it is a Blood python Python brongersmai that as an adult is basically a Pink colored Red Blood Python. We are assuming that something is missing that changed the color red to pink, what that is exactly we don't know.






The original animal, a subadult female we raised for several years until we felt she was big enough to breed. I loved her color and decided that it would be neat to breed her to an Ivory and make snakes with her color and a matrix pattern.

Though we got what appeared to be a perfect clutch of eggs, only 3 were fertile. Fortunately the three eggs hatched, but instead of looking like Matrix (which they all should have been since we bred her to an Ivory), the three babies looked exactly like the Pink mom! All three babies were females, so now I had 4 female "Pinks" but no males.

At that point I assumed either 1) The mom was bred when small by another male in the wild 2) the babies were like the mom and "Pink" was dominant over Ivory.

The "Pink" Red Blood has beautiful red eyes. It has a unique pattern on the ventrals which has striped borders above the tail.

This is a photo of one of the three babies in 2011


Here she is now:







After taking 18 months off we bred the Pink female to a male that was the closest match we had for her, our "Hypo Stripe Dominant."

The Hypo stripe dominant was named after we bred him to a very normal looking (in terms of pattern) Albino female and produced half a clutch of very hypo looking animals that are not pink, but they aren't red. They also were almost completely striped, a lot more than the father. I'm not sure if I have ever posted photos of this male or its babies so I will take some pics so you know what I'm talking about!

So ....this year I bred the "Pink" female x "Hypo Dominant Stripe" male. All I was trying to do was get the pinkest or lightest animals possible and I thought these two were as close to each other looks wise I had. The male is definately not as light as the female, no snake we have is as pink as the female, but this male was the most logical choice.

We were very lucky and the female laid 11 eggs. I was over the moon! It appears that almost all of the babies look like the mom and some are striped  like the dad. It may be as they grow up it will be more obvious what we have, but at this point they look very similar to the mom and her other three babies to me. Stay tuned!