Our 24th anniversary today. Wow I looked a lot younger 24 years ago, Dave hasn't aged at all!

It seems impossible, but having our son Tom just finishing his first year in college and our son Guy now a senior in high school tells me it is possible!

This has been a few crazy weeks! First finally getting the next printing of "The Invisible Ark" done, then Dave was first at Snake Days in west Texas, and onto the "Pit Viper Symposium" in Tulsa, while the boys were really having a blast at the X games in Austin!

I didn't want to go anywhere as eggs have started to be laid and I am pretty much home when that starts happening!

This is a great time of year and Dave is really out taking cool nature pics! These are some of my favorites!


Photo by David Barker  2014


093_Ducks DevilsR_040514_1000px-labeled.jpg



Photo by David Barker 2014  Hummingbird above Claretcup






Photo by David Barker 2014 Axis Deer