It probably seems like we have fallen off the snake planet as another 6 months have flown by!

As I wrote 6 months ago "nothing could be further from the truth, in fact we have all kinds of cool projects going on that we are really excited about!! These include Ball pythons, Blood pythons, Short Tail Pythons, and Boas!"

We have been writing away, including working on finishing a book on Indonesian pythons, articles and chapters on all manner of snakes, and no matter what happens next in line is the Blood python book!

2015 is going to be the big year for VPI! 

Dave and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary milestone this coming year and VPI has gone right along with us for 25 years!

So let's get to the heart of the matter! Boy do we have some amazing animals for you!!!

Ball pythons check!

If you are looking for just beautiful examples of a Ball python, we have animals that I absolutely love and think you will also. We are talking about getting animals that you will love for a lifetime.

Blood Pythons check! Oh its going to be ridiculous! The morphs, the colors, the patterns, the combos this is day 1. Please join us and find out what amazing animals the Blood pythons, Borneo and Sumatran short tails are!

Boas check!

We have worked with boas for 20 years now and this year we hope to have some of the nicest animals we have ever produced! VPI Pink Panther Caramel Albinos with absolutely stunning colors and patterns, two decades of breeding the most beautiful Boas.

Email Tracy at tbarker@beecreek.net for photos and prices.


2015 starts now!! We need a name for this new Blood python morph!! 

We just hatched 2.2 of these really neat babies and two normals from the unnamed morph male x a red albino female.

Photo by Tracy Barker Copywrite 2014 Python brongersmai new morph VPI