VPI named the "Ivory" Blood python morph after it was proven as the "super" form of the VPI Matrix. We are really proud of this project because it represents a perfect example of our original goal: to produce all captive bred and hatched animals that are easily identified as not being removed from the wild.  In fact, at this time we are thrilled that after what must be considered a very short time, private breeders working on multiple projects with Python brongersmai, have absolutely become successful at maintaining and breeding this species in captivity.

The future in captivity looks promising for Python brongersmai. Imported animals from wild populations could ultimately be reduced to 1) newly discovered unique morph animals to be used to start additional captive lineages for herpetoculture and 2) animals from distinct populations to start captive populations for the safe keeping of those unique genetics representing each population, for scientific, zoological, and herpetoculture projects.

We discuss this captive management philosophy in our latest book The Invisible Ark. If you are keeping even a single Blood python, or any animal or plant species, you are a member of the Invisible Ark!

Photos by Tracy Barker; VPI Ivory morph Python brongersmai  3rd generation captive hatched.

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