04/04/15 Day 104 post shed

This is a combination blog from May 1st last year and now, in case you missed the earlier entry just to get up to speed on one of our favorite Boa projects.

Sometimes projects take a long time. Let me rewrite that! Sometimes I take a long time to do projects! This is why people like to get snakes from us, because they have a really good shot at making the snake we worked so hard to make before we do!! But we are ok with that, and of course we are always thrilled for the people who support us and believe that the project we are proposing is worth sticking their necks out for and in the end they will be really happy they took the chance and got involved!

Anyone reading my blog knows I love the 1/16 projects! It is really crazy with Ball pythons, Boas, if you know how to breed them, theoretically gives you better chances because an average clutch for a Ball python is 5 or 6, an average litter for a Boa is 12 on up.

We have always had great odds on our Boa litters and breeding het x het for 1/4 odds or homozygous to het to get a 1/2  odds yielded great results.

With our own VPI Caramel Albinos we were thrilled seeing baby Caramel Albinos in pretty text book ratios, so much so I wish I was doing it back in highschool while taking genetics, it would have been a lot more fun than pea plants or fruit flies!

But what I really wanted was to do the 1/16 VPI caramel albino "snow" and 1/32 VPI caramel albino snowglow project with a VPI caramel albino and "ghost" (hypo anerythristic) breeding.

We produced the first VPI caramel albinos in 2000 (that was almost 15 years ago!) we got the original animals as newborn babies in 1997 (that was almost 18 years ago!) We made double hets, triple hets, and "quadruple" (Pink Panther Triple hets) in 2008. Naturally we were delighted with these amazing animals and just knew that these dream snakes would produce my future dream snakes, the 1/16 VPI caramel albino snow and 1/32 VPI caramel albino snow glow.

Once we had made the dh, th, and qh babies, we of course were excited to talk about what they could do! Imagine breeding them together and making a litter of snakes that made caramel albinos, sunglow caramel albinos, "t snows", "t snowglows", ghosts, hypos, anerys, all 66% poss het for the recessive anery and caramel albino traits. That would be a fun litter to have born!!

Since the birth of those first babies in 2008,  almost 7 years ago, the race has been on to make the " t snow and t snow glow".

In my head they would be a yellow/cream/whitish snake with purple markings!

In fact over the past three years several people that bought animals from us produced the first VPI snows and snowglows! I looked on proudly that what I had in my imagination, what I thought they would look like all those years ago, these breeders delivered and in a remarkably close approximation! It was really amazing! 

But when were we going to get one?!! Finally in 2013, we had a pair I decided to put together dh x th, that resulted in 12 babies and I missed on the snow and snowglow, but made some beautiful sunglow t poss het anery and anery poss het t.

May 2014, finally was the charm, and dh x th yielded an awesome litter!

1.0 T snow 1/16

1.0 T snowglow 1/32

0.1 Ghost poss het t 1/8

1.1 Sunglow poss het anery 1/8

0.1 t poss het anery 1/4

0.1 anery poss het t 1/4

1.2 hypo poss het t poss het anery 1/2

So, I have been very happily raising our 2014 male VPI caramel albino snow and 2014 male VPI caramel albino snowglow, with anticipation of getting more! I mean once you see these snakes you absolutely want to try and make more. It is probably one of the most requests we get via email, but after years of waiting you don't want to part with the only two you have! 14 years after our first caramel albino babies, I'm not letting go of my first t snow or t snowglow!!

Finally our first VPI snow and snowglow boas born in 2014! I was amazed how close the real snakes looked to what I had imagined in my head all those years ago!

Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker / VPI 2014




Flash forward to yesterday 04/04/15. Day 104 post shed. After watching the first of the two final four games I thought I would just do a last minute nightly check of a female TH that I was very excited about. I just hoped I would be as lucky as last year when I got 2 out of 10 babies! I was thinking that Sunday morning I might find babies, since the female was crawling around the last time I checked her. So I pulled out the drawer and there were babies! I couldn't even think! I couldn't even count! I just took a few cell phone pics and then closed the drawer so I could get the female something to eat (my go to trick so the mom is distracted while I look at, photo, and remove the babies!)

Whoa!! Really? Am I dreaming?!!!!

22 babies

1.1 T snow 1/16

2.1 T snowglow 1/32

1.0 Ghost 66% poss het t 1/8

2.2 Sunglow t 66% poss het anery 1/8

1.1 t 66% poss het anery 1/4

3.3 hypo 66% poss het t 66% poss het anery 1/2

2.2 normal 66% het t 66% het anery 1/2

So the crazy ratio was 11 out of 22 were VPI Caramel albinos, those combined with the 5 of the 6 anery snakes for the t snows and snow glows, amazing luck!!!

I think this made up for any whiffs in the past!

DH x TH litter born 04/04/15


Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker/ VPI 2015 (note in far bottom left corner the 5th VPI snowglow, at first I thought there were 4, but then I realized there were 5!)




DH x TH litter 04/04/15, I think I need a double take on this! Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker / VPI 2015


DH X TH LITTER 0150404_193633.jpeg