04/06/15 Well today was a great surprise!

When something totally unexpected happens when it comes to working with animals it's never surprising. That's the cool thing about working with them, you learn every day. Even after 25 plus years you learn. Frankly I think we are at day one in terms of what we potentially will learn about the particular group of animals we have been working with Boas and pythons.

My day started out this morning at 7:00 am. I was pretty sure that one of our Boas was going to have her babies the night before, and I would find them when I lifted her paper this morning. What I wasn't sure of was, what was going to await me in terms of the babies she would have. Now let me clarify, no matter what she had I would be happy because she is an awesome snake and I knew she would have awesome babies.

Approximately 3 1/2 years ago I received this Boa. She is a designer morph, a Hypo Jungle Motley. What an amazing animal! She was raised from a baby by a friend  and she was immaculate. I'd never seen this combination before and I was really amazed at what a beautiful pattern and color she had. Her condition was immaculate. Wow I knew exactly which male I would breed to her, our absolute best Pink Panther VPI Caramel Albino!

Not so fast. Year one, I just got her acclimated and was happy to have her just settle in at VPI. Year two, I just introduced the male, but I didn't get the feeling they were all that interested in each other. Year three, they seemed very happy and everything was just as it should be. Breeding, ovulation, shed, 124 plus days later and...

Flash forward to this morning. A mere 3 1/2 years had flown by and my dream of seeing Pink Panther Hypo Jungle Motleys 100% het for VPI Caramel Albino was only a lifting of a piece of paper away! I opened the drawer, lifted the paper, and did a double take! What????!!!

Not only did I get an amazing animal, she turned out to be 100% het for VPI Caramel Albino!!

Thanks Chaz!!!!!!!!  

3.3 jungle sunglow t
1.2 jungle motley t
1.2 jungle motley het t
2.0 motley t
0.1 motley het t
1.0 hypo jungle het t
0.2 hypo het t 

Photo Dave and Tracy Barker / VPI 2015


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