We are starting to get some fabulous babies this season and we couldn't be more excited about the results so far! Every year I say to Dave this could be the best year ever and this year is no exception. 

In relationship to reptile facilities out there, we consider ourselves a "small" breeder. This means we produce limited numbers of each species we are working with. There are hobbyists who produce many more animals than we do.

Our main goal (aside for providing information via our website, articles and books) is to further develop projects with the species that we are working with, and introduce these projects to other breeders.

This year we are focusing on Blood Pythons Python brongersmai.

We wanted to focus on Blood pythons this year to secure some data for our upcoming book. We have a lot of morph projects that we have been working on since 1997, when we hatched the first Red Albino Bloods!


Hatching Red Albino Ivory Blood Pythons Photos by Dave and Tracy Barker 20015

Clutch Red Albino Ivory Male x Matrix 100% het Red Albino

2.1 Red Albino Ivory

2.1 Ivory 100% het Red Albino

2.1 Red Albino Matrix

3.0 Matrix 100% het Red Albino

Photo Dave and Tracy Barker 2015 Red Albino Ivory Python brongersmai hatching





2015-06-02 10.07.25_resized.jpg


2015-06-02 10.08.11_resized.jpg