Update on Red Albino Blood babies. Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker VPI 2015

As you can see from this pic there were 7 babies that hit the ground crawling. Unfortunately an additional 2 did not make it out of the eggs from this unusual clutch.

I was able to talk with Dr. Warren Booth and provide him some details regarding this surprising result of hatching all albinos from a female that had not been in with an albino male, but spent the past 15 months in with 2 different males with incomplete dominant traits (Toba and "One Eye" morphs). It was clear that neither was the father of these babies. He requested that as a preliminary step I ascertain the gender of the babies.

The results of that were 0 males and 9 females. That is enough info to go forward and secure some sheds from all three parents and the offspring. I will send those sheds to Dr. Booth and start taking data on the babies such as weights and length measurements and keep feeding records.

That is the update! And we will keep you posted on these seven girls!