One of our Blood Python Python brongersmai morph projects that we have is really showing some potential. The VPI Frostbite, is among our favorites. We are getting closer to being able to see if this incomplete dominant has a super (2016/2017). Our first breeding we paired the Frostbite male with a Red Albino female and produced 1.5 Frostbite 100% het Red Albinos. We have been raising these animals and they are really cool looking. 

Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker VPI 2009 VPI male breeding Red Albino female Python brongersmai


Bloods_breed_fb x red alb_15-o_1_5_0.jpg


Here is one of the babies from that breeding. Though as babies they look more unicolor, as adults they now look exactly like the dad with the light sides (which inspired the "frostbite" name).


Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker VPI 2009 Hatchling VPI Frostbite Python brongersmai




We really thought the Frostbite was a little remindful of the Matrix. To the best of our knowledge no Matrix have ever been found (at least not that anyone got and bred and produced Ivories proving it was a Matrix). When we got what we named the VPI Frostbite, we thought we should test if it was related in any way to the Matrix and decided to pair him with an Ivory to find out. This actually took several tries without females laying eggs, but this year we finally got a good clutch from this pairing.


Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker VPI 2013 Frostbite breeding a female Ivory Python brongersmai


Bloods_breed_fb x ivory_96o_6.jpg


We thought either we would see Ivories or a combination of the Frostbite Matrix, which would look different than a Matrix or a Frostbite. My hope was that it wasn't a Matrix, and it would make a lighter snake than either of them thus making the overall snake more pink. Additionally I hoped that the side pattern of the Frostbite would become more intricate by combining it with the netted side pattern of the Matrix. Aside from the VPI snowglow Boa, never has a snake so perfectly matched what I thought it would look like in my head and what it actually looked like!! These babies are absolutely a gorgeous pink color with a very cool netted side pattern. I can't imagine how beautiful they will get as they grow. Stay tuned!


Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker VPI 2015 Newly hatched  VPI Frostbite Matrix Python brongersmai