Sometimes just when you know what to expect you get the unexpected, and then its time to revisit the morph!

In the case of the incomplete dominant Matrix morph and its "super" the Ivory Blood python Python brongersmai, we don't need to revisit it here at VPI, because we have been pretty confident that its importance in countless projects was clear. The fact is the variety within each morph is stellar. We really don't even know the range that the Matrix and Ivory will show us, but we are guessing more things, like this striped Ivory, that we didn't think about! We received several emails upon showing this new striped Ivory and comments said it was remindful of the "Blade" morph in Ball pythons.

We are piecing together what may be going on here, and we think it has something to do with a variation of Matrix which may have another gene that we've been aware of but haven't line bred yet. This trio may show this different Matrix, an Ivory with the different whatever it is, and the striped Ivory could be a super of that form and an Ivory. Confused? We will keep working on it!


Photos 1 and 2 below by Dave and Tracy Barker VPI 2015 VPI Striped Ivory, VPI Matrix Morph, and VPI Ivory Morph Python brongersmai


2015-07-29 07.05.14_resized_1striped ivory.jpg


2015-07-29 06.59.11_resized_1.jpg


Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker VPI 2015 VPI Ivory Python brongersmai (clutch sibling to striped Ivory)



2015-07-30 21.01.19_resized_2.jpg


Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker VPI 2015 VPI Matrix (clutch sibling to striped Ivory)


2015-07-30 21.00.26_resized_1.jpg