01/07/16 VPI BOAS 2016

Quick pic for today! The VPI Snowglow and VPI Snow are among my absolute favorite Boa morphs.

This is a long ongoing project and includes multiple generations of captive breeding all done here at VPI.

When you think the odds of getting them are 1/32 for a "t snowglow" and 1/16 for a "t snow" you know when you see one of them it is a lucky day!!

This breeding is hopefully going to yield some beautiful babies and maybe just maybe we will see a few t snowglows and tsnows in the litter! Patience is a virtue and its going to be a long+/- 60 days, as she ovulated 62 days ago! Average wait from ovulation to birth is 124 days. She looks pretty big for being halfway through her gestation, maybe my calculations are off!

Photo by Dave and Tracy Barker VPI 2016

"Triple het" (Hypo Het VPI Caramel Albino Het Anery female Boa bred by Double Het VPI Caramel Albino Het Anery) captive bred, born, and raised to adulthood here at VPI.


20160106_150251-800x450 DHXTH.jpg


Here are pics from last year's litter of a VPI t snow glow and VPI t snow-wow if we can duplicate that luck I will be soooooo happy!! So this is what we are looking for!