9/11/11 A day relecting on a world 10 years ago that changed everything in an instant.

I hope we can see the wonder in the world again. It is all around us.

Despite what seems to be on ongoing trajectory to display the worst human morality tale,

there are so many amazing people, ideas, and goals, that I prefer to focus on.

Of course there is the beauty of the natural world that always inspires us.

I thought I'd honor this day by putting together some lists of the wonderous things...

top 100 paintings in the world


I love this girl!! Her head is so dark and her eyes are just white! Is she a super? Guess I will know in about 3-4 years!


We originally thought this was the albino Magpie. And it may be that...or not.  Need to do some more breeding on this project. The other snake we originally thought may be a really patterned Magpie, but now I am leaning to a really reduced patterned Golden Eye!


Dave and I watched this on HBO and it was really great.
It is  well done


PHOTO BY TOM MURPHY OF HIS NEW SNAKE I just love this photo that Tom Murphy just sent me of his new VPI Pink Panther Caramel Albino male he named "DOOM!" Thanks Tom!


Here is a nice little male from a DH Lavender/Axanthic x the same clutch.

If he carries the VPI axanthic gene then he is a true "het" Lavender Snow!

Any VPI Axanthics or het axanthics that he is bred to could produce Axanthics, all of which would be 100% het Lavenders-also "true" het Lavender snows!

08/29/11 PART 1

This is my avatar and she is such a beautiful snake. Her dad is featured on page 168 of our book.



















08/29/11 PART 2

Can you believe this?! It is crazy hot here, 1 degree shy of the record heat in the history of San Antonio, Texas: that is in recorded history!! No rain in sight!!

What is really amazing is the last time I posted a shot of our kitchen thermometer in February, approximately 6 months ago, it was the coldest day ever! 



I really like these snakes! Aggressive feeding little guys! We have had some fabulous babies this year. These are cool just on their own don't even need a combination-but the combinations are very cool.

Some Champagnes apparently can get the spider wobble, but so far ours have been good on not showing that.




There are apparently good Champagne combinations, but some at this time don't appear to be viable.