08/01/10 DEADLINE Monday 8/2/2010

DEADLINE Monday August 2, 2010


I just get very excited when I see these eggs hatching-both the albino and normal animals out of these breedings are beautiful. Every baby is different and this clutch ended up having 2 normal pattern albinos and one striped albino. Of course I now know that they don't look anything like they are going to!




 This is one fine snake! I'm not really sure what it is exactly. It could be one of the nicest patternless Ultrabreits I've hatched or it is the combination of that and a super stripe. Lots of breeding to be done! Fortunately it is a male so we have several combinations we can try.




Sometimes you just can't predict what a baby snake will look like a year later! Little hatchling Red Blood pythons more often than not leave people thinking "I want one with more color!" When we first saw these hatch, I loved the pearlescent look they had, and knew that they had a way to go to look like their original founder. I'm really looking forward to seeing how these guys look when they hit 4'! Lots of variation from yellow and white to yellow, orange, and white, banded and striped. Stay tuned this is day 1.


These are offspring from a Golden Eye Red Blood Python male bred to a "Carmine" (Female #2) female. They were hatched alongside the Magpies. This is a fantastic example of a true codominant trait!



Ultrabreits. Might be the most efficient snake we have ever seen. Size, feeding, reproduction. No two patterns alike. Banded x Banded makes Banded and  Striped, Banded x Striped makes Banded, Striped, Patternless. Striped x Striped = ?!; Patternless x Striped =?!; Patternless x Patternless=?!

Magpie Red Blood Pythons hatched 2009 and 2010

 Here are some pics of the newly hatched Magpie Red Blood pythons! With this clutch we now know that the amount of black spots on the back can be variable!

Two of the three of these 2010 babies have essentially no black spots on the back! This baby has a small single black spot. Last year all three had strong black spots on the back!

07/03/10 Magpie and Golden Eye hatching pics 2010