09/14/10 ANAHEIM 2010



Here she is and she did not look like I thought she would-could not have been more wrong! I thought the Black would be a lavender-and there is a little of that in there but hard to see. I did not expect the red but am thrilled to see it! We could have a red and white snake here! As she gets bigger I look forward to a snake with a red head and a red and white body!  The yellow should go more white as she matures! Stay tuned!



Third time is the charm!! Matrix het albino x Matrix het albino: 7 eggs. I didn't see any Ivories... in the last egg I saw what looked like an albino's head...I just didn't realize the Albino Ivory would have a pink head!


08/01/10 DEADLINE Monday 8/2/2010

DEADLINE Monday August 2, 2010


I just get very excited when I see these eggs hatching-both the albino and normal animals out of these breedings are beautiful. Every baby is different and this clutch ended up having 2 normal pattern albinos and one striped albino. Of course I now know that they don't look anything like they are going to!




 This is one fine snake! I'm not really sure what it is exactly. It could be one of the nicest patternless Ultrabreits I've hatched or it is the combination of that and a super stripe. Lots of breeding to be done! Fortunately it is a male so we have several combinations we can try.




Sometimes you just can't predict what a baby snake will look like a year later! Little hatchling Red Blood pythons more often than not leave people thinking "I want one with more color!" When we first saw these hatch, I loved the pearlescent look they had, and knew that they had a way to go to look like their original founder. I'm really looking forward to seeing how these guys look when they hit 4'! Lots of variation from yellow and white to yellow, orange, and white, banded and striped. Stay tuned this is day 1.