Female Sharp snow born 08/?/08!Here is our second female Sharp snow boa born this year and she is a beauty! Now we have 1.2 babies, and with luck have one more chance this year to add to the group. These snakes are really beautiful and will be great for combination boas in the future!


Just as we were leaving for the expo in Daytona, we had a clutch of Blood python eggs hatch. It was one I was anticipating-just to get offspring from an unusual male. It was a snake I raised from a baby, and was unique in that it is almost melanistic and has ventrals that are just black and white. Additionally the pattern looked unique, but as it grew it became indistinct as the snake got blacker with age. I decided to breed this black snake to one of our yellow females with a black head, going in the direction of making a snake without red.


Wow! Talk about a time warp-three weeks raced by! But the good news is that we are back and you can look forward to some interesting entries! We are just where we want to be going into breeding year 2008-2009, and our babies from this year are outstanding! We have had a great year, full of great results from our breeding projects with the ball pythons, boas, blood pythons, and short-tail pythons!


So much going on! We finally got a break, which we really needed! When we returned I was thrilled to see this small litter of 10 born from one of the Double het for snow Sharp females! There was one perfect female snow and some normals-and I think anerys poss het albino, but need for them to shed to see what is what! Now we have had 1.2 snows and they are awesome!! The first pair are insane feeders and are already on sub adult mice. They look great.


Well, another 4 days gone by and I'm very happy because our babies are all doing well! Once I get them feeding I get much happier and don't worry about them at all! I spent this week moving some babies from 2007 up to bigger cages and that is always a lot of fun! Wow, it is so nice to be able to really see them and see how fantastic they have turned out! We are very behind in our photo galleries and when we do finally get them up I will be very excited, because I'm anxious to show off some of our projects that we are working on.


Wow, every time I look up another 4 days have gone by. I have never seen calendar pages fly off the page this fast. Every morning I wake up I have what seems to be the majority of the day planned out. Lots of things to do now with babies, eggs hatching, and getting ready for the Expo in Daytona.


One of the questions I often am asked is: "How much does it weigh?"

"It," of course, refers to some particular snake that the person is interested in purchasing.



Wow, this week flew by!! I can't believe we are already into July tomorrow!

The baby ball pythons are feeding really well, which is awesome! All of the Burgundy albino hets have had multiple meals, and every baby Black Axanthic and sugar/whiteside/calico het axanthic fed their first time out!

The first baby boas are already on subadult mice! Some of the caramel albinos are unreal, and the newborn motleys and super motleys are opaque-can't wait until they shed!













Data for Female Albino Motley

12/22/07 SHED/27 mm follicles/copulation

01/21/08 32 mm follicles

01/22/08 copulation

02/20/08 ovulation

03/17/08 shed

Fed one small rat on 03/18/08; 03/22/08; 03/31/08;04/07/08;04/20/08