This was an exciting day as finally the motley albino female had her babies! She did an awesome job, and delivered 14 babies: 4 super motleys, 5 motleys and 5 normals, all babies 100% het for albino! I'll be putting the specific data up tomorrow on the important dates that the female bred, ovulated, shed, so you get an idea of her gestation period.


Time is just flying by, but lots of great things are going on!

These snakes go by several different names, but whatever you call them they are really interesting and have one of my favorite qualities-variability! No two of these snakes are alike, and the combinations with them are just starting. Is there a super? We don't know, but I think we will know the answer to that question by summer's end.

06/15/08 Part 2

Finally a resolution in this case.


Happy Father's day!


Yesterday's U.S. Open Golf was one of the most amazing display of shots by Tiger Woods ever!


Very shocking news today that NBC's Meet the Press moderator, Tim Russert died. Dave and I get up every Sunday morning and watch his show, and this year of course, with the upcoming election was fantastic. I was genuinely saddened to learn this news, in light of his being such a young person and the fact that he was an amazing role model.






Today is Dave and my 18th anniversary!! Wow talk about time going fast! Best 18-actually 19 years of my life, because we were together for about a year before we got married! Lots of stuff to talk about today, but I will be in and out so will add in as I can!



          The odds game is one everyone has to play and is what makes the breeding of the morphs so challenging, rewarding, and some times disappointing!

     When you get great odds on a clutch or a litter, it is so much fun and amazingly rewarding! When you get bad odds, you have to be realistic and not take it personally! You just have to take the bad with the good, and get back in there and try again!


Well, usually I am just focused on matters at hand and don't veer too much into the day to day gamesmanship of the reptile trade!

However, a recent trend seems to have now become established, and frankly, I am finding it so unappealing that it has started to diminish my interest in working with an increasing number of projects.