06/01/08 part 2

Eggs today from a pairing I was waiting for, a pair of striped, double het red albino het hypos. Here is the mom, which hatched from a striped red female x a red albino male. She was bred to a male from that same clutch.


One of my most favorite VPI projects!This is crunch time, and I'm trying to get babies started, eggs hatched, eggs put in the incubator, and a few last snakes bred.

Changes are in the wind here at VPI and I am definately announcing a MAJOR new focus in our overall goals and plans!

We have always tried to be a well rounded entity in terms of covering different facets of herpetoculture. This includes having the


Ok, sorry for the break there, crazy busy but I have all kinds of things to catch up on, so have some good photos to put up here.

It took me all this time to wrap up the breeding season with the boas and the ball pythons so now we can get to the Blood pythons and Short-tail pythons!

While we are waiting for the red stripes to hatch (30 days to go) I started setting up some neat females in their nest boxes. I forgot how fun it is to watch these girls with their heads resting in the entranceway of their box just watching what goes on around them.


VPI Caramel Albino x Sharp Albino


Well, the time has come to reveal the results of the VPI caramel albino cross with the Sharp albino!


Looking to the future, I am back in the snake house just taking care of the collection and getting ready for next week's hatchings! Hopefully we will see super spot-nose, pastel axanthics, pastel white side!

The first blood python eggs are good and I am looking forward to the next clutch, which is het albino stripe to het albino stripe. I am going to photo some of the animals from this line today and put those up soon, they really are fantestic!



Title   Injurious Wildlife Species; Review of Information Concerning Constrictor Snakes from Python, Boa, and Eunectes genera
Type   Nonrulemaking


Well, it is about time we shifted to Blood pythons!! I realize I have been focused on the boas these past months, but I'm going to take a little break and focus on Blood pythons, which is a mainstay of our collection.

The symposium topic this year at the Daytona Expo in August is going to be on these snakes and Dave will be giving a talk and I will be giving a slide show on the various morphs and be on the panel that answers questions regarding their husbandry, breeding, etc.


04/30/08 Part 2

OK! This is it-the last day to submit comments for the NOI. I really hope all of you have submitted your comments, it is absolutely critical to contribute to this effort. Please refer to the Blog entry of 04/27/08 for all the information you need. Here is is:

Dave and I have posted our letters under the VPI Publications section on the lower right hand side of our website.

Where do we go from here?