We are getting closer to the deadline of April 30, 2008 to respond to the Notice of Inquiry for the possible listing of species of Python, Boa, and Eunectes as injurious species. Needless to say this is of great importance to all maintaining these species, as well as any exotic animal.



Here are some babies from the first "triple" het litter from a ghost female x our "widow peak" male VPI caramel albino. This was an awesome litter! The triples are gorgeous, just filled with color and very clean. The double hets are cool because a number of them have the widow's peaks I was hoping for.





Wow, these guys look awesome!

I am pretty excited about how they look at this point. They have had their first meal and I can't wait to see them grow! 








These babies turned out nicely and finally we got this project going. The prospect of baby Burgundy albinos in the future just got a little more real. This was literally the only snake that I almost gave up on. I admit to coming very close to giving up on her! Now of course she is doing great and totally rebounded from laying her clutch and is feeding great, and I already have plans for next year! The good news is that age of a female ball python really doesn't play a factor in terms of her being a very viable breeder for the future.


Update on the clutch from the female Burgundy albino x spot-nose male. These babies hatched this week-end! Yes, as expected it looks to be a recessive, as no little Burgundy albinos were seen!

There were 7 eggs, and there were 1.3 spot-nose het BA and 2.1 het BA. I'm pretty happy with that result!!

Here is the pic of the adult pair breeding as a reminder of how they look. Pics of babies after they shed:


Here are a few pics of some recent babies!





















Well, at least one female cooperated on the boa watch and last night I found a great litter from one of our Pink Panther VPI Caramel albino female x super ghost male. She had 19 perfect babies, 1 slug, and 2 doa babies. I'm not sure how that happened, but I did notice that they had no membranes around them at all, so I suspect they broke out of their sacs inside the mom, which apparently is not a good idea! Mom looks great and she is my number one priority.


Well, finally things are settling down a bit, even though I am once again on Boa watch for two neat litters! Hopefully they will be born in the next few days!

The snow boas look great and are going opaque so I will put up new pics when they shed.


Well I always feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world, but this morning when I found one of our double het (albino/anery) sharp's had her first litter, I saw the first slugs of the year. I have been batting 1.000 for perfect litters, really just one perfect litter after another and to see our first slugs (7) from this pairing was a bit of a disappointment. Four years of raising trying to get the elusive Sharp snow boa, a 1 in 16 odds snake.


I am a huge fan of albino ball pythons and our line of yellow head albinos is among my favorites. Great contrast and an amazing yellow head. Here is a pic of our founding female after she laid the biggest clutch I have gotten from an albino female, 8 eggs! She was bred to our nicest spot-nose again, to enhance contrast since the spot-nose has solid black in its pattern. The head pattern combined with the yellow color should be cool also.