Well, the days keep flying by and it seems that there are so many things going on in the world it is hard to keep track of it all. I need to start another blog with my daily musings that are not snake related. I'm not sure how to reconcile that at this point, but I might just slip things in here and there! But today I will stick with snakes, as once again I am on boa watch!


Here is a pic of some babies for Jeff Ronne because he is missing seeing them so badly!

baby boasbaby boas


Great things to look forward to as we are 1/4 through 2008! Ball pythons are doing really well and a number of females are laying their eggs. Here is a female yellow head albino on her eggs, she was bred to a spot nose. I am excited about the prospect of making spot-nose albinos because I believe they will be high contrast animals. I'm looking forward to a great head pattern with awesome color and  the white of the albino being very clean when combined with the perfect black of the spot-nose.


Great week for ball python eggs! It seems that the female ball pythons can lay any time of year and we have had eggs throughout the winter and into spring. I am so excited about this year because we have a number of awesome projects going on! We are only three weeks and counting for the Burgundy albino eggs hatching (I can dream it is a dominant!).


Great litter, here are the pics of mom with babies (eating a rat so I can take them away!). We answered some questions! More info on litter in next entry but here are the pics!

1) mom is a straight ghost not dominant

2) widow peak pattern is a dominant and inheritable (wait until I post the pics of these babies!)

3) need to see the effect on the hypos-hypo pattern is a very dominant pattern-widows peak did not appear on hypos-but it may have "normalized" the hypo pattern a bit).


Here is one of my favorite babies from last year. There is something about this pattern!

female VPI caramel albino 2007: widow's peaks in pattern from "Widow Peak" a male VPI caramel albino that was born here in 2004.female VPI caramel albino 2007: widow's peaks in pattern from "Widow Peak" a male VPI caramel albino that was born here in 2004.














03/11/08 evening

This female was bred to one of my favorite VPI caramel albino males "Widow's peak" Last year he passed on his widow's peaks and made some amazing babies. What will we see on baby hypos?I love this time of year. Check out this female ghost, she is getting ready to have her babies any day. She has been bred to my favorite VPI caramel male-"widow's peak." His babies last year had fantastic patterns that looked just like him!


Super Motley update photo taken 03/09/08: WOW!!! I love these super motleys!!Super Motley update photo taken 03/09/08: WOW!!! I love these super motleys!!Wow, can anything stop this freight train!! Thanks Larry and BT!!! Regrouped and Dave started a marathon talk trying to get the word out that everyone and anyone needs to start composing letters on behalf of our important mission to continue to maintain the world's boas and pythons in captive populations!


Talk about "IRONY". Keep people from maintaining species in captivity and at the same time the "light bulb" moment of having to bring amphibian species into captivity to save them from extinction. Watch National Geographic's video clip on Golden frogs in Panama. Great set-ups-modeled after work we were doing 20 years ago and begged zoos and officials to let us set-up: both Golden frogs and Golden toads (now presumably extinct)--but then they had no interest whatsoever in doing so.


Crazy busy!! That is great and I am looking forward to breaking warm weather and spring! We are just around the corner for hummingbirds (black chins), we feed hundreds of them from now until October. We put out 10 feeders and like clockwork they show up starting March 10th or so every year. We have been feeding lots of gorgeous cardinals this year (my day has to start with sitting and watch birds eat seed outside our kitchen windows. When that gets going there are often big flocks of wild turkeys that show up. It is awesome seeing up to 30 wild turkeys right out your kitchen window!