How is it possible that this ruling has been made, and now here we are back again because entities didn't get what they wanted?

It is hard to believe that after the final rulemaking and listing of four species, years in the making,  Congressman Tom Rooney R FL with his bill HR 511 would feel he should negate and or overide the Department of Interior's decision on this issue in the complete opposite way one would expect.



Black Axanthic eggs!! Very excited about this clutch that was laid last week! This female bred to our Black Axanthic male laid 10 eggs!


You heard Andrew Wyatt of USARK yesterday on NPR and he did a great job. Thanks Andrew for all of your efforts. I view this as another major step for the reptile industry, making it on to a national forum, The Diane Rehm Show. Diane wasn't there because she had to attend a funeral, and that was unfortunate. Diane is an extremely thoughtful person.


The top 10 reasons why we are asking you to take five minutes and click on the USARK link below and send your letter! (We could do way more than 10, but we are just going to start with these…

‎1)We are asking at the minimum all of our friends here in the U.S. do this. This affects US and international business for any American business!


Crazy days! This has been one month that has been a total blur! So many things are happening every day that sometimes its hard to focus on one thing! But what we have been focusing on have been a lot of cool things that hopefully will all come together! I'm going to be back tracking so you won't have missed anything, but in the mean time I want you to focus on this awesome photo!



9/11/11 A day relecting on a world 10 years ago that changed everything in an instant.

I hope we can see the wonder in the world again. It is all around us.

Despite what seems to be on ongoing trajectory to display the worst human morality tale,

there are so many amazing people, ideas, and goals, that I prefer to focus on.

Of course there is the beauty of the natural world that always inspires us.

I thought I'd honor this day by putting together some lists of the wonderous things...

top 100 paintings in the world


I love this girl!! Her head is so dark and her eyes are just white! Is she a super? Guess I will know in about 3-4 years!


We originally thought this was the albino Magpie. And it may be that...or not.  Need to do some more breeding on this project. The other snake we originally thought may be a really patterned Magpie, but now I am leaning to a really reduced patterned Golden Eye!


Dave and I watched this on HBO and it was really great.
It is  well done