08/29/11 PART 1

This is my avatar and she is such a beautiful snake. Her dad is featured on page 168 of our book.



















08/29/11 PART 2

Can you believe this?! It is crazy hot here, 1 degree shy of the record heat in the history of San Antonio, Texas: that is in recorded history!! No rain in sight!!

What is really amazing is the last time I posted a shot of our kitchen thermometer in February, approximately 6 months ago, it was the coldest day ever! 



I really like these snakes! Aggressive feeding little guys! We have had some fabulous babies this year. These are cool just on their own don't even need a combination-but the combinations are very cool.

Some Champagnes apparently can get the spider wobble, but so far ours have been good on not showing that.




There are apparently good Champagne combinations, but some at this time don't appear to be viable.


08/27/11 A

I just love the white snakes!










The super lessers are really interesting when it comes to head scales! There seem to be a lot more of them! Of course I will be breeding this girl to our Platinum male to make more Platinums and more super lessers!

08/27/11 B

I found this little guy after it looked like he either fell out of his tree or crashed into something on the ground. We gave him a little H2O and let him rest quietly for the night, and he seems to have snapped out of it this morning. Off he flew so he can brave the wilds once again. These birds are precious, but very fierce. Don't let their size fool you they are super aggressive with each other when guarding a feeding area!


This was a neat surprise. It is the first time I have seen a striped baby like this out of the VPI Caramel Albino project. The parents were a male that was 100% het VPI Caramel Albino ("Unrelated" line x het VPI) x with a female that was a poss het (from VPI line het x het).


The long summer without a drop of rain has really taken a toll on the deer and all the wildlife here in Texas. We fashioned a little watering hole and every day there are deer, armadillo, rabbits, and a huge variety of birds that come in to it.


Well the babies from the yellow x yellow albinos hatched and they look really great. Let me tell you how great they will look in about 4-6 months! 

Here is another baby-they all look great! I got a great ratio 3 males and 5 females!















07/19/11 WELCOME TO VPI!!