Don't know what to call this one

this little guy came from a Sharp male bred to my queen breder ghost female of which this was her 7th litter in her 10 years of life and this litter was a wopping 48 live perfect babies and 3 sweet potatoes. You dont get numbers like that from a little female. Anyways, this little guy is a triple het for Sharp Snowglow but he sure doesn't look normal by any means. Along with him were a sexed pair of normal double hets with this same appearance but on a non hypo backgroun. I am thinking his first girl friend will be my 2008 Paradox Sharp 66% possible heterozygous for anerythristic, this will prove her out as well as possibly be the start of a new geneticly inheritable mutation. the female paradox is an unusual animal for the fact that her paradox appearance is an over all effect where most paradox animals have only isolated spots of the color breaking through. Well, once again, only time will tell. thanks for looking, doug matuszak

Douglas r. Matuszak -