this is a Potential Dominant Sharp Sunglow with a twist. He and his 2 brothers came out with this beautiful appearance as if they were dipped in lavender coloration and have all ready had their second sheds and are not looking like they plan on losing their name any time soon. They are a product of a Sharp Sunglow (orange tail hypo of course) bred to a double het for Sharp Sunglow (orange tail hypo) making them Potential Dominant Sharp Sunglows or in this case, "LAVENDER GLOWS". If they end up keeping this wonderful appearance, the next step is to incorporate this into all of my Sharp projects and see how far we can take the Lavender appearance, maybe all the way to a patternless Lavender boa? Don't know but am all ready putting the Imagination to work. thanks for looking, Doug Matuszak www.boabasement.com

Douglas r. Matuszak - bbasement@att.net