Sharp Snow with some intense Lavender

this is a beautiful male Sharp Snow produced from my 08 male Snowglow (orange tail hypo of course) bred to a double heterozygous for Sharp Snow. This little male Snow has some crazy Lavender on him. Lavender has always been on the Sharp Snows but tends to fade as they mature but do to the early stages we are in with the Sharp Snow project, we are going to see more extreme versions of this as time goes by and down the road, I hope to be doing breedings that entire litters of Lavender coated Snows are being produced and the color stays for life. This has nothing to do with incorporating the "Lavender Glow" animals into this, I am simply talking about breeding the best Lavender Snows back to one another until it sticks. Thanks for looking, doug Matuszak

Douglas r. Matuszak -