Bragging Post

We invite you to post snake pictures on the Breeder's Bragging Post. This is your place to mount images of some favorite snake, a notable happening such as a hatching or a litter of new babies, or share some image of an extraordinary snake that you have photographed.

The Breeder's Bragging Post is a good way to very easily upload an image onto the Internet. You then can link to it from other locations. Unlike most forums, Bragging post images remain available for viewing for up to  a couple of years.

 The Breeder's Bragging Post is a great place to mount your images in a site with heavy traffic and great exposure. In most months, a page in the Bragging Post will receive more than a half million views.

There are rules, though. Posts that are deemed by us to be undesirable for any reason will be taken down. That includes any obscene or unsuitable language, or any advertising or commercial content. You must only post images of which you are the photographer or for which you have the express permission from the photographer to use.

To create a page in the Breeders Bragging Post, click on "Post" on the navigation side-bar on the right. Fill out the space for the title [this is the link that appears in the list of posts]. Type in any information you want to have posted in the text box. Type your name or handle in the space with the red asterisk [required]. Add your email address if you want people to be able to contact you about your picture [optional]. Then upload your picture by finding it on your hard drive with the "browse" feature, highlight it and click "update".