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WHAT'S NEW AT VPI! ***CLICK ON GALLERIES LINK ABOVE AND VIEW NEW "INSTAVPI" PHOTO GALLERY!*** ...SEE BELOW! OUR LATEST BOOK IN OUR SERIES Pythons of the World, Volume III The Pythons of Asia and the Malay Archipelago (2018)

The Pythons of Asia and the Malay Archipelago (2018)

A book by David G. Barker & Mark Auliya & Tracy M. Barker

This volume in the Pythons of the World series includes an informative account for each of the 29 species and three subspecies of pythons found in Asia and the Malay Archipelago. The Malay Archipelago encompasses the nations and territories of the Indo-Pacific islands bounded on the north by Asia and on the south by Australia, including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Philippines. It is available in a Limited leather-bound edition. THE PYTHONS OF ASIA AND THE MALAY ARCHIPELAGO is available through the VPI Library.

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Here at VPI we are proud of the snakes that we breed and the babies we sell. There is no finer quality of animals available  today. Whether you are looking for a pet, an exhibit, or breeding stock, VPI can supply you with excellent CAPTIVE BRED hatched/born animals at competitive prices.

WE ONLY SELL CAPTIVE BRED AND CAPTIVE HATCHED/BORN. All are feeding well and have good growth. Our emphasis is on producing limited numbers of high quality animals of which every one has our personal attention. After the sale we provide excellent support and information to our customers. Shipping via UPS, FEDEX and Delta inside the USA. WE ONLY EXPORT OUR OWN CAPTIVE BRED AND HATCHED ANIMALS and WE DO NOT IMPORT ANY ANIMALS     SNAKES FOR SALE


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