Snakes for Sale

We sell snakes. We almost exclusively sell snakes that are born and bred here at VPI. Our current lists of snakes for sale are on the navigation side-bar on the right. We sell excellent snakes. 

We mostly breed and sell blood pythons, Colombian boas, ball pythons, Borneo pythons, and Sumatran short-tail pythons. We accept just about all means of payment, including Money Orders, Personal Check, PayPal, Square, credit cards, and wire transfer. We offer payment plans. We might be interested in trades--it never hurts to ask. We accept deposits on future purchases, but be aware that deposits are credited to inventory we have available.

We offer our customers excellent and unequalled  information and support for their animals. We are proud that a very high percentage of our customers have bred their VPI animals.

Our snake shipments are transported via FEDEX.

Click on "Inventory" on the navigation side-bar on the right to see a list of some of the snakes that currently are available. If you are looking for something not listed here, please contact Tracy--we have many animals that are sold before they make it to the list.