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Pythons of the World, Vol II: BALL PYTHONS (2006)

BALL PYTHONS: The History, Natural History, Care, and Breeding

Barker and Barker (2006)

Shrink-wrapped, Boxed, Hard-cover copies. 
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Price: $75.00ea.

Pythons of the World, Vol. II: BALL PYTHONS, Limited Edition

BALL PYTHONS: The History, Natural History, Care, and Breeding


By Barker and Barker (2006)

This signed and numbered volume is one of a series of 300. It has a custom 3-piece leather cover, with a ridged round-back spine. It comes in a custom slipcover.   

Price: $250.00ea.

All About Ball Pythons, a DVD from VPI

ALL ABOUT BALL PYTHONS is a professionally produced one-hour film about the maintenance and care of ball pythons. It illustrates many techniques used in the husbandry of the species, including how to sex ball pythons and how to hatch the eggs. It features many of the rarest and most beautiful morphs of the ball python. Tracy and Dave Barker narrate and this is filmed on the premises of VPI.

Price: $23.95ea.


OK, it's not about snakes, but it is about breast cancer, a very important issue to us. TomBoy Tools is selling these pink hammers, and more than half of your purchase price will go to breast cancer research. They hope to make a million-dollar donation to research. This is a name-brand tool, a well made, balanced hammer that will serve you well.

Price: $14.95ea.

Memorias do Instituto Butantan, vol. 46, 1982

One of the famous Memorias series, published by the Instituto Butantan of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Price: $20.00ea.

Memorias do Instituto Butantan, vol 30 (1960-1962)

This is volume 30 of the Memorias series, issued by the Instituto Butantan. [225 pp.]

Price: $20.00ea.

Memorias do Instituto Butantan, vol. 32 (1965)

One of the famous Memorias series issued by the Instituto Butantan. This volume includes the important work by Hoge on neotropical pitvipers. [184 pages]

Price: $40.00ea.

European Atlantic Turtles. Brongersma (1972)

Brongersma, L. D. 1972. European Atlantic turtles. Zoologische Verhandelingen no. 121. E.J. Brill. Leiden. 318 pages.

Price: $70.00ea.